Product Devlopment & Maintenance Services by dexoc

As breakthroughs continue in the tech world, with newer technologies come to the fore very swiftly, it becomes instrumental for organizations to adopt them in order to retain a strategic edge over their competitors. Be it the “Big Data” revolution or Internet of Things (IoT) bandwagon, or insightful data analytics, technology today has a lot to offer to take businesses to the next level.

Dexoc Solutions, a quintessential Software development company, operating out of India helps you leverage the immense potential that the latest technologies have to offer while not just adhering to but improving on the best industry practices. With a qualitative experience in the development industry combined with the right technical expertise, Dexoc Solutions is equipped to help you empower your business technologically by developing cutting-edge products and maintain them to keep up with the incessant advances that the technology industry makes!


We offer a wide range of services for product development as well as maintenance, helping our clients at any given stage of the product lifecycle. They include:

  • Pre-product development Requirement Analysis
  • Product Development
  • Existing Product Transformation
  • Identification of and migration to more advanced technologies
  • Product Upgrade and Version control
  • Developing Software as a Service (SaaS) based wireframes


We, at Dexoc Solutions, are passionate problem-solvers and strongly believe in the power of technology to transform organizations. Equipped with rich technical expertise and experience across industrial domains as well as technologies, we carefully analyze your requirements to identify just the right technology and develop the ideal solution that helps your business grow in the right direction!