Dexoc’s Capabilities for Node.JS Development

With a team of developers that is passionate about technology and its upcoming trends, Dexoc Solutions has a rich experience in developing customized scalable and efficient solutions that leverage the potential that this new-age technology has to offer. The technology is capable of providing your customers with an amazing experience as NodeJS enables faster and more efficient performances. A platform that caters to top sites like LinkedIn and Twitter, Node.JS will be a great addition to your digital arsenal and will help you develop an edge over your competitors.

The technology, built on the Google V8 JavaScript runtime environment, NodeJS is rapidly gaining traction in India as well. With Dexoc, you get access to some of the most talented IT professionals who deliver optimum solutions within the prescribed budgetary and time requirements. Dexoc has built a name for itself in Node.JS development services owing to their consistent services, relationships with customers, and a stringent focus on technology.

Wide Range of Node.JS Development Services

  • Web and Desktop Application Development

    For organizations investing in building applications that can be accessed from within the office as well as outside of it, we provide our customers with NodeJS Web and Desktop Application Development services that not just meet with expectations but exceed them.

  • eCommerce UI/UX

    NodeJS is an important technology that enhances the customer experience. For eCommerce businesses, it is essential that customers do not face any lags or disruptions while customers use them. Not only is it unpleasant, but can also jeopardize financial transactions. Our NodeJS development team ensures that the technological foundation for your eCommerce platform is rock solid though bespoke NodeJS development services.

  • API Integration and Plugin Development

    Enhance your website and add more features to it through cutting-edge APIs and NodeJS Plugins integrated and developed exclusively by Dexoc’s team of talented programmers.

  • Social Network and Messaging Applications

    Do you dream of an application that brings people together? With Dexoc Solutions, access the best NodeJS development services that catalyze your vision with feature-rich and new-age social networking projects as well as messaging applications.

Why Invest in Back-end Development?

Incredibly Fast

Customers can access rapid websites and applications as the resources required on the client-side are restricted to a minimum with Dexoc’s NodeJS Application development services

Easily Scalable

If you are looking for solutions that can be easily replicated across geographical barriers, NodeJS is the ideal technology for you. Our developers ensure that you offer a robust, secure, and scalable NodeJS Applications.

Full Stack Capabilities

As NodeJS is executed on both, the server-side as well as the client-side, the technology can help optimize the development procedure as you don’t need separate developers for frontend and backend.

Software Development Lifecycle

Requirement Analysis and Gathering

Requirement Analysis and Gathering

We, at Dexoc Solutions, obtain all the necessary requirements from our customers and often guide them with suggestions that can help their application better. Once we have the requirements, we develop a roadmap to achieve our desired results. Further, we also help clients choose from the rich variety of technologies available for NodeJS Development

Wireframe Development

Wireframe Development

For any NodeJS development project, it is important for developers to understand how information and data flow through the application as well as how to serve every different user class to streamline the program. Thus, we take the necessary measures to develop a perfectly Minimum Viable Product on which we can build on.



Equipped with the best coding practices and standardized tools, we at Dexoc Solutions seamlessly carry out the perfect NodeJS Application Development Services.

Quality Assurance and Maintenance

Quality Assurance and Maintenance

At Dexoc Solutions, we have a stringent quality policy that dictates enforcement of quality standards on every aspect of solutions we provide.

Business Models

Collaborate with a leading team of developers as well as business analysts that realize your ideas of a customized Web Application. Our designers and developers for front end development projects can contribute through many different business models and are flexible in accordance with our client’s requirements.

Hiring Dedicated Developer

This model is ideal for organizations seeking a long-term development team that can see through their entire project. Our team is capable of working from your premises as well as operating as an offshore front end development agency.

Hour Based Hiring

We recommend this model to organizations that are completely aware of the requirements as well as have a rigid timeline to follow.

Time and Material Model

Under this model, customers compensate in accordance with the time and other tangible resources that we utilize while executing the project.

Project Management Tools

At Dexoc Solutions, we use the SCRUM Model for Project Management. To ensure transparency as well as efficient communication within our team, we use standard project management and productivity enhancement tools like Slack, Trello, Asana, as well as Microsoft Teams.


Our Work

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iOS, iPhone, Android, Amazon Web Services (AWS), Node.JS

Android & iOS platform based Mobile application for ride tracking of motivated horse riders. Save and share ride videos, photos and notes along with other exciting features.

Navigation and Mapping App

iOS, iPhone, Android, Amazon Web Services (AWS), Node.JS, Swift, Android Studio

GPS location-based app solutions with a wide range of useful and amusing features like Geofencing location-based services, Location Tracking for Android and iOS platform

Mobile Messaging Chat App

iOS, iPhone, Android, Amazon Web Services (AWS), Node.JS, Swift, Android Studio

Online customer service Mobile live support chat application for one to one mobile chatting, customers support for your website anytime and anywhere