Customized Java Application Development Company with Rich Experience

Owing to its extensible nature along with the ability to develop solutions rapidly, Java remains a widely popular choice for organizations to develop cutting-edge enterprise-level solutions. Organizations operating with legacy systems can also leverage the potential of this technology platform by the migration of the former to Java Runtime Environments.

With a team that understands Java and its capabilities, Dexoc Solutions has extended Java-based application development services to a wide range of clients belonging to industries like Healthcare, Education, Finance, and Pharmaceuticals. The team at Dexoc operates in accordance with the requirements of our clients and ensures that the solution rolled out meets with the business objectives. With flexible business models and transparent project management, we at Dexoc Solutions, are always excited to contribute to the growth of our clients through powerful Java Application Development Services.

Avail a Rich Variety of Java Development Services

  • Customized Java Application Development

    At Dexoc Solutions, we excel at developing customized solutions for our clients from scratch. Our developers and analysts associate with you right from locking the first requirement till the last line of code is tested, and even beyond that for after-deployment support and maintenance.

  • Integrating Java-Based Applications to Enterprise Systems

    As Java is an extremely scalable framework, applications based on the language can help optimize existing enterprise-level software. Dexoc has a rich experience as a Java Developing Company and aids to the integration of applications into legacy systems and makes them more efficient.

  • Legacy Systems Migration

    More and more organizations are extending their legacy systems to increasingly sophisticated solutions. When Dexoc Solution’s years of experience combined with our development skills, you have all the key ingredients for a successful migration from your legacy systems to a robust Java Environment.

  • Version Controls and Upgrades

    For organizations already having Java-based solutions in place and looking for access to support and maintenance solutions, Dexoc is the perfect place for you. Our developers adapt to existing environments rapidly and assure your employees in the face of problems or bugs and also seamlessly manage version controls and upgrades for your software.

Advantages of using JAVA Technology


One of the key reasons for Java’s immense popularity is that it simplifies the scalability of high-power software applications without any hassles as it is supported on the majority of platforms.

Cost Efficient

Java’s robust architecture, as well as open-source availability, ensure that the development work for Java-based Applications is extremely efficient.

Easy to Integrate

The power of Java transcends beyond sophisticated solutions. It also makes it much easier to integrate new-age solutions into existing systems enabling organizations to step in the future.

Robust and Secure

Java continues to be one of the most efficient frameworks that encompass functionality, efficiency, and security. Take your software infrastructure to the next level by developing scalable Java-based Applications with Dexoc’s qualified and experienced developers.

Software Development Lifecycle

Requirement Analysis

Requirement Analysis

Developing a full-scale Java-based application is an intricate process. To have a clear roadmap, we thoroughly analyze each and every requirement our clients have. We identify and refine requirements and develop a foolproof understanding of the desired solution.

Data Architecture and User Interface

Data Architecture and User Interface

Upon developing an enhanced understanding of the project requirements, we develop a data model and user interface that takes care of both - the front as well as back end for the project.



The next step is carrying out the development of the project in accordance with global coding practices. Our team ensures standard development procedures to achieve an innovative solution that not just meets but exceeds client expectations.

Quality Assurance and Maintenance

Quality Assurance and Maintenance

Quality Assurance is a commitment for everything we do at Dexoc. Java-based applications developed by Dexoc undergo rigorous testing and quality check procedures to ensure ironing out bugs.

Business Models

Access the best JAVA Application Development services with Dexoc Solutions. We offer our clients with different business models based on their requirements

Hiring Dedicated developer

For companies looking to hire exclusive resources for their Java-based project development services, Dexoc Solutions offer the most talented and experienced coterie of developers and analysts that function as an extension to your team. Further, this model also allows for integrating new requirements along with the project

Hour Based Hiring

For organizations with clarity in terms of timeline and requirements can opt for this business model.

Fixed Cost Model

Based on your requirements and complexity of the project, Dexoc Solutions provides you with a fixed and competitive quote for the scope of the entire project.

Project Management Tools

At Dexoc Solutions, we use the SCRUM Model for Project Management. To ensure transparency as well as efficient communication within our team, we use standard project management and productivity enhancement tools like Slack, Trello, Asana, as well as Microsoft Teams.


Java Database ConnectivityJava Database Connectivity
Java ServletJava Servlet
J2EE FrameworkJ2EE Framework
Java Message ServiceJava Message Service
 Java Server Page (JSP) Java Server Page (JSP)
Java Transaction API (JTA)Java Transaction API (JTA)

Java Application Development FAQs

  • Can I use a comments feature to review the code along the way?

    Certainly, clients can review the coded version of the product during the development process to make sure that their demands and desires are being met. This can facilitate the detection of issues beforehand, leading to a final product whose contentment will be high. I would set the process up for code review and access controls at the stage of designing any security methods or protocols.

  • How are different technologies used for custom software making?

    Very frequently seen technologies in the process of the development of custom software can be Java, Python, Ruby, C++, JavaScript, etc. for programming languages while Spring, .NET, and Django are examples of frameworks. Use of databases like MySQL and PostgreSQL are often used along with tools called IDEs, version control systems, and testing frameworks as well. The technology selection process for any project usually depends on the project specification and the builders’ skill level.

  • Java has many advantages: what to say about them?

    Java has the following benefits: platform independence, object-oriented programming, strong security, reliability, and vast programmer-friendly frameworks like well-developed tools and libraries. By offering such options, Java remains a highly selected language among developers for building scalable and complex applications. In addition, Java's syntax has been kept simple and easy for learners of all levels, thus making it a popular language option for beginners and experienced developers.

  • Why only Java technologies are your engineers trained in?

    The lineup of our Java developers includes those skilled in different types of Java, like core Java, JavaFX, JSP, Servlets, Spring Framework, Hibernate, Struts, JDBC, JPA, JMS, JNDI, JUnit, and others.