In this fast-changing world of business, adaptation to new technologies is the most challenging problem for organizations. Dexoc Solutions knows very well how businesses are worried about outdated infrastructure, running operations inefficiently, and securely expanding their work. Cloud technology is a game changer for many enterprises though most firms find it difficult to implement, migrate, or optimize. Dexoc Solutions acknowledges such problems and hence offers personalized cloud consulting as well as application development services that can address the individual preferences of any organization.

Whether it's building customized applications for the cloud or migrating existing data to cloud-based storage, organizations have a wide range of opportunities to improve their digital infrastructure. We offer a variety of Cloud Consulting and Development Services, ranging from consultancy to deploying tailor-made solutions according to organizational requirements. Our team of technical experts is equipped with advanced knowledge of the best cloud computing practices and technologies such as Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure, and Google Cloud Platform.

Cloud Consulting Expertise

Here are some of the services on offer by Dexoc for Cloud Consulting Services

Cloud Native Application Development

The designs and constructs cloud-native applications that begin from scratch, using concepts of cloud computing as well as technologies such as containerization, microservice architecture, and serverless architectures. This allows the creation of scalable, resilient, and cost-effective applications that promote innovation and agility in enterprises. We develop applications that are native to the cloud to give businesses power with affordable solutions for scalability, and reliability among others which can be tailored according to their emerging requirements.

DevOps Consulting

DevOps consulting clients deal with issues of merging development and operations teams, streamlining flows, as well as adopting effective automation techniques. Our services cover proper guidance to increase efficiency, through the efficient implementation of automation to promote collaboration. We help identify appropriate tools, ensure the best practices are aligned with business objectives, and facilitate continuous improvement. In this regard, we guarantee that our work is of a high quality thus helping customers meet their DevOps goals.

Cloud Migration and Modernization

We are experts in ensuring your apps and underlying technologies are migrated seamlessly from legacy systems to the cloud. We minimize downtime and maximize returns. Evaluating your current state, defining the ideal cloud solution, and effecting a seamless migration path form part of our methodology. Our competence is in using cloud computing to help in making your organization successful.

Cloud Architecture and Design

Crafted through detailed designing and planning procedures, our product creates extensible, secure, and robust Cloud Architectures. Our solutions are designed to optimize performance and flexibility in the cloud while ensuring seamless integration and alignment with your business requirements. partner with us so that you can confidently architect your cloud infrastructure unlocking its full potential.

Cloud Consulting Services

Microsoft Azure Cloud Services

Developed by Microsoft, Azure is a public cloud-based service that is operated through 34 powerful Data Centers across the world, enabling organizations to run their apps anywhere. The technology offers a wide range of aspects that help take businesses to the next level through acute insights and optimized operations. These services include analytics, computing, database, mobile, networking, storage, and Web.

Amazon Web Services (AWS) Cloud Services

Dexoc has the expertise to architect, deliver, and manage an AWS cloud platform to provide services such as DevOps Pipeline for Serverless Applications, CI/CD (Continuous Integration & Continuous Deployment), AWS EC2, S3 bucket, Auto Scaling Group, Cloud template formation, Elastic beanstalk, AWS Lambda, Kubernetes, Docker, Jenkins, Route 53, DynamoDB, etc.

Google Cloud Platform

Integration of the right sensors with the best technological platform, we offer extensive IoT (Internet of Things) services to our customers, leveraging the powerful capabilities of Google Cloud Platform services such as Google Cloud IoT Core and Google Cloud Pub/Sub.

Software Development Lifecycle

At Dexoc, we have outlined a fixed set of practices and steps that ensure progress in the right direction, right from the word go! It is owing to this foolproof procedure that has helped.

Project Analysis

The first step involves identifying in detail the requirements of any project and understanding the functionality that every user might require. Upon analyzing requirements, we also help our customers to refine them and then the right technology platforms that would best meet the user requirements.

Designing the User Interface

One of the most important features of any software is to have a User Interface and Experience that is easy to navigate for every category of users. At Dexoc, we design a User Interface that is functional, user-friendly, and visually appealing. One of the most important features of any software is to have a User Interface and Experience that is easy to navigate for every category of users. At Dexoc, we design a User Interface that is functional, user-friendly, and visually appealing.p>


Once the requirements are frozen and the user interface design finalized, we proceed to development work for the software while inculcating the best coding practices such that the result is robust, secure, and efficient software.

Quality Assurance and Maintenance

Quality Assurance is a commitment to everything we do at Dexoc. We deploy any Software Product Development project after carrying out comprehensive testing. Our Quality Control department ensures there are no bugs before it is rolled out. Upon successful deployment of the software, we also help with version controls and maintenance of the software.

Business Models

With Dexoc Solutions, you can access the best cloud-based application solutions with a business model of your choice. You can choose from the following:

Hiring Dedicated developer

If you are looking to deploy dedicated resources for the development of a product, you can leave your worries for finding the right talent to us, and focus on your core competency. We house some of the most experienced personnel from the industry to help achieve the desired results.

Hour-based hiring

If your project has fixed milestones and a deadline, and the exclusivity of resources is not a dealbreaker, then this business model will be ideal for you.

Time & Material Hiring

This model gives you a good option in case your organization requires more direct control and the requirements of the project are still being discovered. Dexoc solution is flexible by client requirements while being fixated on one thing: Quality Results!

Project Management Tools

To ensure transparency as well as efficient communication within our team, we use standard project management and productivity enhancement tools like Slack, Trello, Asana, as well as Microsoft Teams.

Our Work

CI/CD Implementation in AWS

AWS, Jenkins, AWS CodePipeline, AWS Lambda, CloudFormation, GitLab CI/CD, Elastic Beanstalk

Continuous Integration and Continuous Deployment (CI/CD) is a software development practice that involves continuous integration of code changes and automated deployment of the software to production.

Online Coupons Marketplace

Windows, Asp.Net, MVC Framework, MSSQL

Web based eCommerce application for discount coupons/vouchers, daily deals and offers ranging from dining out to health, beauty and leisure activities specially made for customers

Horse Riding Mobile App

iOS, iPhone, Android, Amazon Web Services (AWS), Node.JS

Android & iOS platform based Mobile application for ride tracking of motivated horse riders. Save and share ride videos, photos and notes along with other exciting features.


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Cloud Services FAQs

  • Should I hire Cloud and DevOps experts right away?

    Think about hiring Cloud and DevOps skilled workers for you when you are planning to implement or upgrade your cloud infrastructure, automate your development processes, or optimize your application's performance. Moreover, if you have no experience in cloud and DevOps, hiring professional staff will help you understand the necessary steps and make sure your project will deliver a positive result. In summation, the ideal option would be to hire cloud & DevOps specialists if you intend to grow your organization more rapidly.

  • What are the principal reasons to introduce DevOps in AWS?

    Through DevOps implementation in AWS, organizations have a variety of benefits, including fast application delivery, better team collaboration and communication, improved security, better reliability and scalability, and lower operational costs. AWS tools that are capable of doing CodePipeline, CodeBuild, and CodeDeploy automate applying DevOps practices to the processes of building, testing, and deployment of applications. This gives way to the production of better applications by increasing their reliability and allowing for additional flexibility and scalability. AWS provides an enterprising and compliance cloud service which, when in collaboration with DevOps practice, will enable enterprises to achieve regulatory requirements, secure data and integrate testing and testing compliance at the development phase.