Custom Application Services

Dexoc offers a wide range of outsourcing services for software and web applications development, product enhancement, migration, re-engineering, maintenance, and enterprise integration solutions. Additionally, our expertise extends to provide consulting service for cloud applications and distributed (client/server) apps that are tailored to drive businesses through problem-solving processes.

We offer offshore software development services that bring a lot of benefits for our customer’s businesses. Our expert software team delivers a stat of the art solutions with improved security, cost and time effective solutions. Our services are designed to address the unique needs of every business, including selecting the right features and decreasing software expenses to align with customer’s tight budget.

Dexoc offer following custom application development & Maintenace services to our customers:

  • Bespoke Software & Web Development

    We provide bespoke software and web development solutions with secure, reliable and scalable applications. Our team specializes in developing customized applications intricately designed to match the customers’ preference and specifications for maximum performance and their user satisfaction.

  • Product Development

    We provide thorough product development and maintenance services encompassing all stages of Product Usability, Design, Development, and Product Re-Engineering. We specialize in crafting user-friendly customised product with tailor-made solutions.

  • Migrating & Re-engineering Software Application

    We specialize in software application migration and re-engineering, along with legacy system modernization to meet present-day needs. Our focus is on creating bespoke performance optimization programs.

  • Enterprise software integration

    We manage critical applications for business growth opportunities through seamless integration. we provide support services for a longer period of time as well as custom-made solutions to ensure that their business operations continue.

  • Software Application Maintenance

    Through the adoption of emerging technologies, we ensure the efficiency of existing application architecture, facilitating fast and cost-effective maintenance services for enterprise solutions. Our primary focus is on delivering customized solutions to address evolving corporate demands.

  • Cloud & DevOps

    we offer cloud and DevOps service that can help your organisation become more agile by accelerating the process of software development and increasing software quality and productivity through continuous integration and continuous delivery.

  • Mobile Application Development

    With our expertise in mobile application development, we offer personalized solutions that can revolutionize your business ideas. We focus on cross-platform compatibility and seamless user experience; we ensure your app thrives in today's competitive market.

  • Distributed(Client/Server) Application Development

    We develop distributed (client/server) applications by customizing solutions to incorporate client ideas and our expertise. Our goal is to design user-friendly software packages that streamline complex processes.

Custom Software Development Process

Waterfall Method

For Constrained Budgets

  • 01 Scope clearly defined
  • 02 Stabe Requirements
  • 03 Less likely to change

Agile Scrum

For Evolving Scope/ Hired Teams

  • 01 Briefly Defined Scope
  • 02 Changing Requirements
  • 03 Larger Budgets

We firmly believe there are many reasons for custom software solution requirement for your business:

  • Integrate multiple pieces of software for single-task efficiency
  • Combine custom solutions & software for a unified system
  • Replace manual tracking with automated analysis solutions
  • Manage multiple business locations from a single place
  • Increase organization worthiness by developing personalized software and web based solution
  • Dynamize business processes through automation
  • Ensure scalability with contemporary, adaptable solutions
  • Save time by removing a manual repetitive task
  • Cut down on paperwork and streamline operations
  • Address legacy application issues through modernized methods

Why Dexoc?

Delivered 100+ successful projects across Web, Software & Mobile platform

12+ years of experience in software industry

Highly experienced software engineers and SQA team

Our clients engage with us for long-term working relationship

Our business models are crafted based on client’s requirement

We believe in Cost-effective, high quality and time efficient services

Ensuring client’s utmost satisfaction through desirable software services

We follow strengthen & proven software development processes

Zero complain related to IP (intellectual property) rights

We follow industry coding standard & norms

DedicatedOne on One attention

We focus on clear-cut communication

Software Development Expertise

Our application development expertise encompasses a wide range of tools and technologies, including but not limited to:

Microsoft .NET Development

Our Microsoft .net develop are Microsoft certified professional and having vast experience in developing secure REST API, web application, desktop application and migration.

Front-End Development

We specialize in front-end development, with our expert team of developers utilizing technologies like ReactJS, Angular, and Microsoft ASP.NET to create dynamic and interactive user interfaces tailored to your needs.

SharePoint Consultancy

Our SharePoint adviser offers expert advice on collaborative work and document control. We have vast experience of working with SharePoint to enhance your business processes.

Android Application Development

Our android developer having hands on experience Flutter, Java, Kotlin, and other essential technologies for creating stunning android applications. Our seamless and efficient development processes ensure to meet your app requirements on time and cost effective.

iOS Application Development

We offer iOS app development services for your custom app requirements, utilizing Swift and other essential technologies for development and user-centric experiences.

Microsoft BizTalk Development

Our Microsoft BizTalk consultants provide expert guidance and support for robust integration solutions, leveraging deep expertise in BizTalk capabilities for seamless connectivity and streamlined operations.

Software Development Life Cycle & Capabilities

  • UX Driven

  • Proven Experience
    and Expertise

  • Code Reviews

  • Developing
    Shared Understanding

  • Security & Intellectual
    Property (IP)

  • Quality Assurance & Testing

  • UX Driven Engineering

    In our process of development, user experience is what matters most to us, thus making our desktop and web-based applications simple and easy for users.

  • Proven Experience and Expertise

    We have gathered a extensive experience and expertise in software development processes where we offer you high-quality solutions that are ideal.

  • Code Reviews

    We do rigorous code reviews to maintain code quality, identify potential issues, and ensure consistency throughout the development process.

  • Developing Shared Understanding

    To make sure that all team members and stakeholders are aligned towards a common vision and understanding of project goal, we encourage collaboration & communication.

  • Security & Intellectual Property (IP)

    During the project lifecycle, our software development process incorporates strong security features for sensitive data protection as well as intellectual rights.

  • Quality Assurance & Testing

    With comprehensive mechanisms put in place to detect flaws, this helps provide dependable and highly performing software.

Our Work

Online Coupons Marketplace

Windows, Asp.Net, MVC Framework, MSSQL

Web based eCommerce application for discount coupons/vouchers, daily deals and offers ranging from dining out to health, beauty and leisure activities specially made for customers

Live Blood Analysis Solution

.Net Framework, Microsoft Visual Studio, C#, MSSQL, DevExpress

Desktop based Windows application system for Live Blood Analysis (LBA) or naturopathic microscopy using camera with digital dark field microscope device

Technology Portfolio Management System

Microsoft .Net Framework, ASP.Net, C#, MS SQL Server

Technology Portfolio Management System (TPMS) is a compilation of information about organization/agency’s investments in its IT infrastructure

Contact us for hire a dedicated team of Custom Software Developers

time bound delivery

Guaranteeing on-time delivery & deployent for seamless project execution

Testing and QA

Our services are dedicated to meeting quality standards

skilled developer

Our team of certified developers ensures quality in every project we undertake

Custom Software Development FAQs

  • Can I use a comments feature to review the code along the way?

    Certainly, clients can review the coded version of the product during the development process to make sure that their demands and desires are being met. This can facilitate the detection of issues beforehand, leading to a final product whose contentment will be high. I would set the process up for code review and access controls at the stage of designing any security methods or protocols.

  • How are different technologies used for custom software making?

    Very frequently seen technologies in the process of the development of custom software can be Java, Python, Ruby, C++, JavaScript, etc. for programming languages while Spring, .NET, and Django are examples of frameworks. Use of databases like MySQL and PostgreSQL are often used along with tools called IDEs, version control systems, and testing frameworks as well. The technology selection process for any project usually depends on the project specification and the builders’ skill level.

  • What are the compelling advantages of custom software development, and why should you choose it?

    Custom software development provides many benefits, such as matching the exact needs of business in contrast with ready-made apps, growth of flexibility and scalability, tightening of security, ensuring the efficiency and productivity ratings higher, gaining a one-of-a-kind competitive edge through adding unique features, and more control over the final product. Through custom software development, businesses can acquire a customized solution that can assist customers in streamlining workflows, functioning properly, and working as a standalone or a hybrid application because can integrate easily with other software systems.