Mobile App Development

As an established app development company, we specialize in making custom-designed mobile apps that will help your business move forward. Our team of professionals is experienced and uses modern technologies while developing the most interesting and efficient applications for you that can meet all your needs. We always take into account the opinions of our clients from the very beginning till the end; thereby facilitating a seamless transition from an idea to its realization. It does not matter whether you’re a startup or run a long-established company, we are determined to make sure that our outcomes exceed your expectations. Let us partner together to unveil the true potential of mobile technology and remain competitive in today’s marketplace.

We are an all-in-one application development agency with more than 200 successful projects executed across iOS, Android, and Windows platforms. Our solutions for mobile apps not only create additional income sources but also provide business mobility to our customers.

At Dexoc Solutions, we strive to deliver customized solutions that are attuned to your business goals in this era of digitization. Since our establishment, we have engaged with clients drawn from a wide spectrum including education, finance, pharmaceutical, sport, healthcare, retail, and entertainment, providing unique custom mobile application development services. Furthermore, we offer the latest in data analytics and cloud integration to enhance your app's capabilities when needed.

Mobile App Development Services Offered by Dexoc

Android App Development

Our Android app development team at Dexoc boasts hands-on experience in Java, Kotlin, and other essential technologies, ensuring the creation of stunning Android applications. Our seamless and efficient development processes guarantee the timely delivery of your app, meeting your requirements while remaining cost-effective. Whether you need a simple utility app or a complex enterprise solution, Dexoc is committed to bringing your Android app ideas to life with precision and excellence.

iPhone Application Development

Dexoc prides itself on its comprehensive iPhone app development services, drawing upon expertise in Swift, Objective-C, and cutting-edge iOS technologies. Our seasoned team of developers ensures not only timely delivery of app but also cost-effectiveness, without compromising on quality. With a focus on innovation & attention to detail, we create seamless & user-friendly iOS apps tailored to your unique needs. From concept to deployment, Dexoc is dedicated to bringing your app ideas to life with precision and excellence.

Cross-Platform App Development

Dexoc excels in cross-platform application development, leveraging frameworks like Flutter and React Native to build versatile apps that run seamlessly across multiple platforms. Our team harnesses the power of these technologies to create efficient and cost-effective solutions, ensuring your app reaches a wide audience while maintaining consistency in user experience. With Dexoc, you can expect innovative cross-platform apps that combine the best of functionality and performance, tailored to meet your specific business needs.

Integration of Latest Technologies

Dexoc specializes in integrating the latest technologies into mobile applications, ensuring they stay ahead of the curve. Our team remains updated on advancements in areas such as artificial intelligence, machine learning, augmented reality, and blockchain, incorporating them seamlessly to enhance app functionality and user experience. With Dexoc, you can expect cutting-edge solutions that leverage the power of emerging technologies to drive innovation and success for your mobile app.

Why go for Mobile Application Development

Brand Visibility

In this era of globalization, a cell phone program is one of the great means to use to brand better visibility. With almost five billion registered users worldwide, a good app design can break geographical boundaries and make your brand known all over the world. This application ensures that your customers have an uninterrupted experience when it comes to using it hence building strong relationships between them and your brands as well as creating high profiles.

Boost Revenue

Mobile app development investment can help to raise your organization’s revenue tremendously, particularly if it is operating within eCommerce or subscription-based business models. With an app, you have a whole market field ahead of you that knows no borders in a geographical sense. The larger contact base allows for the attraction of new clients, stimulation of sales and a grabbing up opportunities in unexplored areas which will eventually lead to more profit and bigger business.

Operational Efficiency

Mobile applications are increasingly being utilized by businesses to streamline operations and improve efficiency. By integrating mobile apps into your organizational processes, you empower employees with tools and resources that enhance productivity and performance. Whether it's accessing real-time data, facilitating communication, or automating tasks, it leads to greater transparency, collaboration, and overall operational efficiency within your organization.

Mobile App Development Process

Project Analysis

Carrying out Mobile application development is an intensive process. At Dexoc, our first step is to identify the requirements of every project and analyze those to have a direction to proceed in, along with providing customers an analysis of different technologies available.

Prototype Development

Once our customers zero down on the technology, we develop prototypes and wireframes before moving to final development. We implement the changes discovered during this phase before moving forward.


Dexoc’s talented Mobile Application Developers implement global-standard coding practices to create a solution that is efficient, robust, and secure.

Quality Assurance and Maintenance

Quality Assurance is a commitment for everything we do at Dexoc. Before any Mobile Application goes live, our team tests every component and feature. Upon successful deployment of the software, we also help with version controls and maintenance of the mobile application.

Why Us?

  • We convert your ideas & concept in to powerful mobile application
  • Full cycle development from requirement gathering to publishing on app store
  • Timely delivery of final product with scheduled submission of app build
  • Delivered 800+ successful projects across Web, Software & Mobile platform
  • 11+ years of experience in information & technology industry
  • Effective & smooth communication

Business Models

Access the best Mobile application solutions with Dexoc Solutions. We offer our clients with different business models based on their requirements:

Hiring Dedicated developer

Our talented Mobile Application developers can work exclusively for your project under this hiring model. Further, your project has complete ownership and allocation of resources.

Hour-based hiring

If your project has fixed milestones and a deadline, you can go for this model. Developers won’t be exclusive for your project under this model.

Time & Material Hiring

This model gives you a good option in case your organization requires a more direct control and requirements of the project are still being discovered. Dexoc solution is flexible in accordance with client requirements while being fixated on one thing: Quality Results!

Project Management Tools

To ensure transparency as well as efficient communication within our team, we use standard project management and productivity enhancement tools like Slack, Trello, Asana, as well as Microsoft Teams.


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Our Work

Online Tutoring Video Mobile App


The online education industry has been rapidly growing and with the advent of technology, it has become easier to learn new skills and knowledge at the comfort of your own home.

Horse Riding Mobile App

iOS, iPhone, Android, Amazon Web Services (AWS), Node.JS

Android & iOS platform based Mobile application for ride tracking of motivated horse riders. Save and share ride videos, photos and notes along with other exciting features.

Navigation and Mapping App

iOS, iPhone, Android, Amazon Web Services (AWS), Node.JS, Swift, Android Studio

GPS location-based app solutions with a wide range of useful and amusing features like Geofencing location-based services, Location Tracking for Android and iOS platform

Contact us for hire a dedicated team of Mobile App Developers

time bound delivery

Guaranteeing on-time delivery & deployent for seamless project execution

Testing and QA

Our services are dedicated to meeting quality standards

skilled developer

Our team of certified developers ensures quality in every project we undertake

Mobile Apps FAQs

  • What safeguards are put in place to protect app information during transportation?

    To safeguard the data and data of the app, a series of actions are involved, including encryption of data, sure storage, frequent security audits, authentication of users, and access controls. Regarding our app developers, the security measures in place include using secure network protocols, monitoring the logs system, and putting in place intrusion detection and prevention systems to prevent unauthorized access and reduce the risks involved.

  • What technology is embedded in the development of Android applications?

    Android application development takes place with the aid of different technologies such as Java or Kotlin programming language, Android SDK, Android Studio, XML for UI design, libraries like Retrofit for networking, Glide for image loading, and Room for database management.

  • Will you be able to suggest high-level support and maintenance after the growth of production?

    To answer your question: a retention period for supporting all business apps developed by us is part of the services we provide.