Strategic Web Application Development by Dexoc Solution

The complexities of web development make it difficult for companies to build a successful online presence. Dexoc helps in tackling common but challenging issues like budget constraints, immediate requirements, and technical problems. We will assist you with everything that pertains to website design and management.

We concentrate on building state of art custom web applications at Dexoc that fit well into your unique business concepts or ideas. Through our rich expertise from different industries, we provide personalized web development outsourcing services to cater to our clients’ needs. Our team of talented website designers is skilled in developing modern secure web-based applications that are user-focused and match changing user preferences. Across different domains, we help customers develop innovative web apps with excellent user experience to enhance consumer satisfaction and boost organizational agility.

Web Application Development Services

UI/UX Designing

Creating user interfaces is necessary for engaging in digital experiences. It is required that they be visually intuitive. Our team of experienced designers in charge of our UI/UX design service ensures smooth interactions on any platform by using industry-leading design tools such as ReactJS and Angular. We make sure that every section ranging from wireframing to prototyping conforms to your brand identity while meeting the needs of users.

Full Stack Development

we provide a complete package covering front-end and back-end development. Our programmers are knowledgeable in utilizing different technologies to make web apps handle all aspects involved in the process. We perform all roles in the development process right from the design of UI, to database management. With expertise in front-end frameworks such as ReactJS and backend technologies like Node.js, we ensure that your apps are completely compatible with each other.

Progressive Web Application Development

To deliver a perfect user experience, our PWAs combine usability with native apps’ functionality. We make quick and engaging applications that work on every platform as well as device by employing cutting-edge web technologies. In other words, PWAs create rich experiences without the need to download separate apps as they support offline mode, push-up notifications, and responsive design. They are scalable and secure which makes them perfect for reaching more users thus enhancing your business growth.

Enterprise Application Development

Enterprise web application development is designing advanced solutions to cater to the complex requirements of large organizations. Our highly qualified team provides scalable, secured, and efficient applications that improve business processes and operational efficiency. We provide customized software solutions using state-of-the-art technology and industry standards aligned with your company’s goals. From conception to launch and ongoing support, we collaborate closely with our clients to ensure the success of their enterprise projects.

Advantages of Web Application Development

Digital Touchpoint for Customers

Owing to the increased availability of the Internet and reduced data prices, customers are highly active online. Having a robust web-application will be a successful touch point for your customers

Sales Channel

If your business can thrive through online commerce, having a web-based application is a must. A customized Web Application developed by Dexoc Solutions will help you generate meaningful revenue as well as ROI.

Organizational Growth

Many organizations are moving legacy systems and enterprise solutions to customized web-based applications that enable transparency, mobility, and growth, especially when they are integrated with new-age technologies

Efficient IT Infrastructure

With the latest technologies for frontend and backend like React and Node, develop IT Infrastructure that is not only functional but also extremely optimum in terms of utilization of resources.

Web Development Lifecycle

Scope of the Project

A web-based application is an intricate collection of a variety of technologies. It is imperative for our developers and analysts to gauge the scope of your project and identify the tiniest requirements for a satisfactory experience

Prototype Development

Once our customers zero down on the technology, we develop prototypes and wireframes before moving to the final development of the web-based application. We implement the changes discovered during this phase before moving forward.


We, at Dexoc, house an expert team of developers, designers, and analysts collaborate to develop the perfect solution using globally followed coding practices

Quality Assurance and Maintenance

Quality Assurance is a commitment for everything we do at Dexoc. Our Quality Assurance team extensively tests every application and its features before it is deployed. Dexoc also assists with version controls and maintenance of the web-based application.

Business Models

Access the best Mobile application solutions with Dexoc Solutions. We offer our clients with different business models based on their requirements:

Hiring Dedicated developer

Dexoc’s team of developers operates under your project exclusively. Under this model, the project development lifecycle, allocation of resources and deciding milestones will be under your purview.

Hour-based hiring

The ideal project development model for projects that have fixed milestones and deadlines.

Fixed Cost Hiring

Depending on your project requirements, Dexoc quotes you a fixed price for the project.

Project Management Tools

To ensure transparency as well as efficient communication within our team, we use standard project management and productivity enhancement tools like Slack, Trello, Asana, as well as Microsoft Teams.

Our Work

Dental Clinic Web Application

Web, PHP, MySQL, WordPress

Web based application for dental clinic, dentistry management and patient’s online appointment bookings

Online Coupons Marketplace

Windows, Asp.Net, MVC Framework, MSSQL

Web based eCommerce application for discount coupons/vouchers, daily deals and offers ranging from dining out to health, beauty and leisure activities specially made for customers

Online Events Ticket Booking

Windows, Asp.Net, MVC Framework, MSSQL, Payment integration

Web based application for booking events from anywhere in 50+ countries and get awesome experience

Contact us for hire a dedicated team of Web Application Developers

time bound delivery

Guaranteeing on-time delivery & deployent for seamless project execution

Testing and QA

Our services are dedicated to meeting quality standards

skilled developer

Our team of certified developers ensures quality in every project we undertake

Web Application Development FAQs

  • Can I use a comments feature to review the code along the way?

    Certainly, clients can review the coded version of the product during the development process to make sure that their demands and desires are being met. This can facilitate the detection of issues beforehand, leading to a final product whose contentment will be high. I would set the process up for code review and access controls at the stage of designing any security methods or protocols.

  • How Dexoc is a great option for web app development services?

    At Dexoc Solutions, we recognize that every client has a unique vision and we go to great lengths to provide them with the best web app development service possible. Our sets of expert software engineers, designers, and project managers are together committed to the user's requirements. We intentionally employ the latest technologies and best practices to create robust, scalable, and user-friendly web apps to help businesses scale and grow. We are dedicated to quick implementation, price competitiveness, and high-class support, which in turn makes us an elite company to provides the best web app development services.

  • What comes as a cost concerning the creation of a Web App?

    The cost of bringing a web app into the interactive web can widely differ among many things, for instance: complexity, technologies used, features and functions being implemented, and the developers¡¦ location and qualification. Being the software development costs other factors such as project management, quality assurance, maintenance, and support can also play a significant role. For that reason, it's not possible to give an exact cost of work without having known the precise details of the project specifications. Yet, let us send you an email or contact our agency to ask for project estimation taking into account the details of your requirements for web development.

  • What safeguards are put in place to protect app information during transportation?

    To safeguard the data and data of the app, a series of actions are involved, including encryption of data, sure storage, frequent security audits, authentication of users, and access controls. Regarding our app developers, the security measures in place include using secure network protocols, monitoring the logs system, and putting in place intrusion detection and prevention systems to prevent unauthorized access and reduce the risks involved.