Enterprise Application Development

Modern businesses go through several problems daily whenever they want to manage their operations optimally and stay ahead of their competitors. These range from old-fashioned legacy systems that affect productivity, increasing need for seamless platform integration, and the importance of strong security measures put in place to secure sensitive information among others. We recognize these challenges at Dexoc and therefore, we are committed to developing customized enterprise software products that are aimed at addressing this specific challenge on time thereby enabling organizations to overcome obstacles and flourish in the digital era.

We provide a wide variety of corporate applications, including the development of personalized solutions, integrated systems, modernization of archaic programs, mobile apps, big data analytics, mobility, and security compliance. We are proud to state that we offer high-quality and efficient solutions that meet our customer’s expectations as well as guarantee smooth data flow, improved performance, and secure access around the clock. Go for Dexoc when you are ready to move your business to digital transformation and profitability for both start-ups wanting new technologies or established firms in search of modernity.

Enterprise Application Development Services

We create powerful, secure applications tailored to your needs, using advanced technology to streamline processes and boost productivity. Our expert team ensures seamless integration and top functionality for new apps or system upgrades.

Enterprise Mobility

We provide cutting-edge solutions that enable seamless integration of business applications and data across devices, ensuring anytime, anywhere access for your workforce. Our productivity is optimized through stringent security measures while we streamline processes using advanced software development or robust device management abilities. Stay at the forefront of technological progressions with our tailored enterprise mobility solutions.

Customer Relationship Management

CRM solutions that are easy to use can improve communication and enable organizations to manage customer relationships effectively. Our custom tools are designed to meet the specific needs of your business, thus enabling you to manage customer information, monitor communication, and track trends. When data is looked at holistically, it will help you make a decision that will affect your marketing, increase the satisfaction of customers, and streamline sales too.

Enterprise Solution Integration

We offer diverse software solutions that work together without being visible and increase the effectiveness of processes. We offer our expertise in integrating ERP with legacy systems to meet your specific business requirements. Our competency in system integration ensures that data flows smoothly within an organization. By having a unified technology infrastructure, you can achieve both operational efficiency and growth acceleration.

Enterprise Solution Outsourcing

We provide a service that enables enterprises to outsource technology needs thus saving internal resources. Our offshore software solutions are backed by full support across all stages, right from development to upkeep. Through outsourcing, businesses can save costs and gain access to specialized knowledge that will make the system run more smoothly. Enter into partnership with us to optimize IT operations and facilitate technical excellence.

Integration of Latest Technologies

Dexoc provides services that aim to integrate the latest technologies into your already existing systems, making sure that you are in the lead as far as innovation is concerned. It means that we can make use of AI and machine learning or even blockchain and IoT just to name a few without any difficulty. Because of our experience in different sectors, we can formulate personalized integration strategies, which enhance efficiency and create new possibilities for you.

Business Intelligence

Empower your organization with our Business Intelligence Solutions for data-driven decisions and valuable insights. Our services include advanced analytics tools and techniques that help to extract, transform, and analyze data from multiple sources. With customizable reports and dashboards, users can visualize key metrics as well as trends in real time thus enabling proactive decision-making and strategic planning.

Software Development Lifecycle

  • Analyzing Existing System

    The first step for developing Enterprise Solutions is to thoroughly understand the underlying system. During this stage, we identify the important aspects of the like data structures and information architecture, that helps us to better design a solution

  • Organization-level Solutions

    Software Conceptualizing Solution

    Upon careful analysis of the system requirements, we conceptualize a solution and zero down on details like the technology platform to be utilized.

  • Development and Testing

    Upon gathering all the requirements, we carry out the development of the proposed enterprise solution. Further, our quality assurance department carries out extensive testing of the developed solution.

  • Deployment and Integration

    Once the solution has been developed, we execute the Enterprise Solution Integration and deploy it in the actual environment while ensuring that users face minimal disruption.

  • Maintenance and Customer Support

    Whether there are changes or difficulties in the newly-integrated Enterprise Solution, Dexoc is always available.

Business Models

Dedicated Developers

Enterprise Software and Legacy Systems are intensive exercises. With Dexoc’s dedicated developers equipped to exclusively handle all your requirements, you can easily focus on your business while we take care of the rest.

Fixed Cost Model

If an organization has a clear understanding of their requirements from an upgrade of their Enterprise Software, this model suits them the best.

Hour Based Hiring

If your project has fixed milestones and a deadline, and exclusivity of resources is not a dealbreaker, then this business model will be ideal for you.

Project Management Tools

To ensure transparency as well as efficient communication within our team, we use standard project management and productivity enhancement tools like Slack, Trello, Asana, as well as Microsoft Teams.


Microsoft .Net
Microsoft Dynamics CRM
Microsoft Azure
Business Central

Our Work

Online Coupons Marketplace

Windows, Asp.Net, MVC Framework, MSSQL

Web based eCommerce application for discount coupons/vouchers, daily deals and offers ranging from dining out to health, beauty and leisure activities specially made for customers

Live Blood Analysis Solution

.Net Framework, Microsoft Visual Studio, C#, MSSQL, DevExpress

Desktop based Windows application system for Live Blood Analysis (LBA) or naturopathic microscopy using camera with digital dark field microscope device

Online Events Ticket Booking

Windows, Asp.Net, MVC Framework, MSSQL, Payment integration

Web based application for booking events from anywhere in 50+ countries and get awesome experience

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time bound delivery

Guaranteeing on-time delivery & deployent for seamless project execution

Testing and QA

Our services are dedicated to meeting quality standards

skilled developer

Our team of certified developers ensures quality in every project we undertake

Enterprise Solutions FAQs

  • Could it be different if I met you with a software product I want to be upgraded?

    We won’t hesitate to assist you with that. We can also start with a UI/UX audit, and then upgrade your system architecture, make performance optimization, ensure compatibility, refactor the code, and integrate new technologies. In addition, we will consider incorporating additional functions to make your software more useful.

  • Is the contribution of BizTalk to organization-level programming worth considering?

    Since BizTalk offers high scalability and reliability, it is probably suitable for the design of enterprise-level solutions. It is a highly flexible software that can handle complicated processes, multiple protocols, and data formats as well as high-availability scenarios.

  • What are the compelling advantages of custom software development, and why should you choose it?

    Custom software development provides many benefits, such as matching the exact needs of business in contrast with ready-made apps, growth of flexibility and scalability, tightening of security, ensuring the efficiency and productivity ratings higher, gaining a one-of-a-kind competitive edge through adding unique features, and more control over the final product. Through custom software development, businesses can acquire a customized solution that can assist customers in streamlining workflows, functioning properly, and working as a standalone or a hybrid application because can integrate easily with other software systems.

  • What types of enterprise software solutions does Dexoc accommodate?

    We provide a rich pick of enterprise software options that comprise, among others, custom software development, customer relationship management (CRM), ERP software, BI & analytics, as well as mobile app development.