Project Overview

Technology Portfolio Management (TPMS) is a compilation of information about organization/agency’s investments in its IT infrastructure. The information is organized to show how the investments support the agency’s mission & programs to demonstrate the relationships among current & planned investments. The portfolio enhances the ability of key decision-makers to assess the probable impact of investments on an organization’s programs and infrastructure, as well as on the overall state IT infrastructure.

The TPMS provides report screens that use the Budgets/actuals data and are generated on demand. Colleges/institution can look at their specific data in the reports or the system-wide data at the summarized level. For the CTCS, summary level budget and actuals information is reported annually to the State IT Portfolio system.

The budget reporting form screen provides information about IT financial budgets and actual expenses information as required by the TSB. The Applications Portfolio screen provides detailed application-inventory information which is required of all state agencies, including CTCS. IT applications portfolio data will be visible to other colleges to aid in standardization, versioning, upgrades, and support and to leverage purchasing and licensing capabilities.


  • Speed up business processes through automation
  • Existing software is not scalable
  • Manually doing repetitive task
  • You have legacy software product
  • Reduce paperwork


The State guidelines apply to all executive & judicial branch agencies and educational institutions, as provided by law, that operate, manage, or use IT services or equipment to support critical state business functions. All CTCS colleges and the state board are required by the OCIO to report technology portfolio information into the state IT portfolio management system. New legislation will make it imperative that the community & technical college system provides complete information on the IT portfolio identifying total cost of ownership and at a level of appropriate transparency and detail that accomplishes RCW objectives.


We come up with a web-based .NET application with data stored in SQL Server as Technology Portfolio Management System (TPMS). The said requirement, plus system-wide product licensing costs and other issues, justified the creation of this web application for use by the community and technical college system.

Once the inventory information is entered, college IT departments will be able to access and update their data whenever changes occur. Information entered by the colleges and maintained in the database will be summarized and then entered directly into the DIS, in compliance with TSB annual reporting requirements. College IT departments will have controlled access to the Technology Portfolio Management application in order to enter and update college-specific information. The financial information included in the Technology Portfolio database is summarized for the CTCS as a whole and access to detailed budgeting information is restricted between colleges.


  • Operating System


  • Framework


  • Web Server


  • Programming Language


  • Database

    Microsoft SQL Server