• Guide to When and Why to Use Node.js

    Apr 29 2023

    Node.js is an open-source, cross-platform runtime environment built on top of the V8 JavaScript engine, which is used by Google Chrome. It provides a rich set of libraries & modules that helps to build applications for web, desktop & mobile devices.

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  • The Prospects of the Web in the Years Ahead

    Apr 28 2023

    Over the past few decades, web has grown and evolved into an indispensable tool for communication, commerce, and entertainment.

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  • ASP.NET Core Becomes The Prominent Web Development Framework

    Apr 13 2023

    ASP.NET Core is a powerful and versatile web development framework that offers many benefits to developers, making it a prominent choice for building modern web applications. With its cross-platform compatibility, modular architecture, and robust ecosystem of tools and libraries, it is an ideal choice for building modern web applications for a variety of industries and use cases.

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  • PWA - Progressive Web Applications: The Future of Web Development

    Apr 11 2023

    PWA is a web application that uses modern web technologies to deliver an app-like experience to users. PWAs are designed to work on any device, regardless of the operating system or browser. They are also designed to be fast, reliable, and responsive, even on slow or unreliable networks.

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  • Waterfall Methodology: A Traditional Approach to Software Development

    Apr 05 2023

    Waterfall methodology is a traditional approach to software development that emphasizes a sequential, linear process.

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  • How to Build Healthy Code Reviews?

    Apr 03 2023

    Building a healthy code review and pull request culture is critical to ensuring that the code is of high quality, maintainable, and meets the project's requirements. The goal of code review is to ensure that the code is of high quality, is maintainable, and meets the project's requirements.

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  • Top Software Development Companies in India 2023

    Apr 07 2022

    India has emerged as a major player in the global software development industry, with a large pool of skilled software developers who have expertise in various technologies. These companies offer a wide range of services, including application development and maintenance, infrastructure management, and digital transformation, making them an ideal choice for businesses worldwide.

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