Why Mobile app is booming in current age: Top Reasons

  • History of Mobile Applications

    The first mobile app came in early 90’s that uses EPOC operating system and allowed user programs such as spreadsheets, databases, diary and word processor.in mid to late 90’s “Palmos OS” comes into picture. This has touch screen GUI and plenty of apps based on C and C++. With the arrival of feature phones – JAVA micro edition becomes most popular platform for developing mobile apps. Later Java ME replaced Personal Java and become popular across Phones, PDAs and other embedded devices. JME implementation existed in windows, mobile windows and androids.

    Future of Mobile applications

    Demand of mobile apps is rapidly increasing in all the industries like banking, education, lifestyle, gaming etc. Few of the hot areas for mobile applications are Artificial intelligence (AI), Machine Learning (ML), Block Chains, Data security, Digital Wallets etc.

    High Speed data network

    In present era mobile high speed network is available at very affordable price. Majority of the telecom giants across the high performing developing economies slashed the prices of data usage moreover complementary free data packs are provided to maintain low churn.

  • Budget high performing devices

    A decade and a half back, mobile phones are very costly and for majority of the people it is considered as a luxury but in current era mobile handsets are available at dirt cheap prices and can be purchased by almost all class of people.

  • Easily available market places

    With the advent of cloud computing accessibility of potential markets across the globe is very easy. Mobile applications can be developed from any remote place and can be provide to potential customers situated in any part of the globe with the help of network service providers.

  • Third party support

    With the arrival of startups, freelancing or shared service centers culture, mobile applications is developed by third parties. Many of the startups develop only mobile application based on the specificat ions provided to them by service providers.

  • Rise of Ecommerce business

    Everyone enjoy discounts on the product or services availed by them. With the help of mobile apps, companies can give more discount on products/services offered by them as the cost displaying their products o n mobile apps are negligible as compared to traditional showrooms. It’s a win-win situation for both seller and buyer – supply enjoys the profit though economies of scale and scope whereas customers get the same services at discounted price.