Dexoc Receives Clutch Leader Award For Top Development Agency In Spain

Every business goal is to be recognized as a top performer in their respective field. But the hardest part about being at the top of your field is remaining there and continuing to find success. Especially in an industry such as software development, it is difficult to continue to get your brand out there and be unique enough to be recognized. That is why we at Dexoc strive to continue to grow in order to have a recognizable brand with a unique product.

We work diligently to deliver the best products possible to our clients. We have found success in recent years, so much so that we were named to Clutch’s directory as a top web developer in Spain.

Clutch, a B2B ratings and reviews website, conducts extensive market research on companies across various industries and performs interviews with clients in order to collect enough information to write an accurate review. We’re pleased that many of our customers have left reviews sharing how satisfied they are with our development services. Below is a review we received from an appreciative CEO of a business analytics platform.

In addition to our high approval rating and in-depth reviews on Clutch, we are also listed on The Manifest’s 2019 page, a sister website of Clutch that collects reviews across a number of industries in places all over the world. We are also honored to be named amongst the top software developers in India according to Visual Objects, a popular portfolio sharing platform.

“Dexoc is honored and overwhelmed by achieving highest category award from Clutch in custom software application development & mobile app development categories. 2019 is a year of recognition for many of our hard work in software development industry. Now we don’t like to blow our own trumpet, but Dexoc has won its fair share of awards. But, this does not mean we’re going to sit back and coast on the fame and fortune that’ll come along with these awards from Clutch. We won’t be smug. We love what we do and when our celebration is over we’ll be right back in the lab, dreaming up new experiential projects for our clients. So, take Clutch’s word for it and give us a try for your next project.” – Chetan Patel, CEO at Dexoc

Here at Dexoc, we work hard to deliver upon the requests of our clients and don’t quit until the ideal product is put into place. We build software products and enterprise application to serve customer's business goals. If you have any questions about our mission and our plan to get there, feel free to send us an email and we will be happy to help!