Software development industry is made up of two most utilized technologies, C# and .NET. The two terminologies have a relationship between each other except one thing they are not the same. While c # is a high level programming language, .NET on the other hand is a framework for application development. In this article we will look at some differences and similarities that exists between C# and .net.


Microsoft developed C# as an object-oriented programming language under the.NET framework in 2000. As such, it shares several syntaxes with other computer languages like Java and C++. Certain aspects make c sharp different from these other languages:

  1. Modern language constructs: Writing maintainable codes is made easier by such modern language constructs as garbage collection, delegates and anonymous methods that are offered by C#.
  2. Cross-platform compatibility: On windows, Linux or macOS; you can use C# to build applications for these platforms.
  3. Easy to learn: For beginners who want straightforward knowledge on coding; think of learning C#. Reason being its syntaxes are simple while its codes are easily readable and understood.

Microsoft created .NET as a development framework. This offers developers with a group of tools and libraries which they can use to develop applications on various platforms. The .NET structure comprises several units among them:

  1. Common Language Runtime (CLR): It is the environment for execution which manages .NET languages written programs.
  2. Class Library: Here, there is a collection of pre-written codes that developers can utilize in order to accelerate applications’ development process.
  3. ASP.NET: With this, we have web development framework which has tools for creating web apps.

C# Vs. .NET
However, C# and .NET are often used together in software development even though they differ. Some differences between these two are:

  1. The distinction is that C# is a programming language while .NET is a development framework.
  2. However, C# can be used on multiple platforms to create applications whereas, NET is mainly used to develop applications for the Windows operating system.
  3. On the other hand,.NET provides an environment where intermediate code may be executed as it watches over C#, which is a high level code.
  4. Essentially, C# belongs to the .NET framework but developers can also use VB.NET, F#, or even C++ for building .NET applications among others.

In the realm of contemporary software development, C# and.NET are very important. C# is an easily understandable programming language that can be used to build multi-platform applications, whereas .NET is a development framework that has certain tools and libraries for making top-quality apps simple. Although dissimilar, both C# and .NET are often employed together in developing software to make it more enduring and competent.